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SEO Training – Making best use of headings in a web page for seo

Lets get straight to the topic - how to optimize headings of a web page for best search engine optimization (seo) <h1>This is…
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SEO Training – Best way to optimize images in html

SEO Training - Level Beginner Images are of great importance in a webpage. To improve a web page look's we need to insert…
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Why a website rank more than one time on google search page ?

Hi all, I am Anirudh, back with one more video of Matt Cutts, recently google published a video stating reasons why a particular…
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Whats next in seo ? Watch what Matt Cuts say in May 2013 about future of seo

SEO is something one can't do much about other than writing good content and working on to build some high quality backlinks. Google…
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Optimize your website with Google “First Step” Cheat Sheet | For Beginners | SEO

Google always hints about what they want from people to do to help google read their content, and this time they have presented…
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Adding theme options an easy way, to your current wordpress theme

Hello all, this would be another quick tutorial on wordpress. Just stay connected you will learn the process in just about 10 minutes.…
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Wordpress sitemap plugin

All about wordpress sitemap generator plugins and SEO impact

Hello all, this is my second post of this week and it feels so refreshing writing again after working on Coding projects. I…
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WordPress the loop | Complete Tutorial with List of Best Loop Tutorials

Loop means repetition of data until the given condition is true. In wordpress settings panel we have a option to display the number…
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