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12 things we hate about PHP – BY

Hey !! I know we all love php and lot of developers depend on php for “$$$$ – Cash” . I am too madly in love with php, its because of php we have wordpress and because of wordpress I am able to make a living. But still some people hate PHP, and their are some reasons behind their statements. Infor World created a nice presentation on “12 things we (people) hate about PHP”. They wrote a nice article and I decided to share this to my php students ( I provide php training in delhi ) .

Reasons why people speak against PHP

Switching gears is a headache –
The most important challenge in creating PHP is remembering when you’re typing HTML and when you’re typing PHP code.

The markup maze –
Mixing server instructions with browser markup is a mistake.

Inconsistent and idiosyncratic nomenclature – 
Does anyone know when we use underscores? The method base64_encode uses an underscore, but urlencode doesn’t. The name php_uname has an underscore, but phpversion doesn’t. Why? Did anyone think about this? Did anyone edit the API?

Sorting hell 

I didn’t mentioned everything here on this post because I wanted you to visit Info world and read that full on their site, they have written a nice article and they deserves some links !!

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