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Adding WordPress Custom Fields | Part 2 of WordPress Custom Field Tutorial

Introduction –> Adding Custom Fields –> Displaying Custom fields  –> Doing through Plugin

Adding custom fields is very simple in wordpress. We just need to follow two steps to add custom fields.

First, we need to enable Custom Fields from WordPress post area. On the upper right corner we see a Screen Options button, when we click on it we see a check box for Custom Fields, one need to tick that to enable custom fields. Below is an image describing the same.


A box appears below the Content field in add new post area. We need to define a unique Name and its value. Name is generally referred as key, and we need to use the same key again in order to display the custom fields, which we will be doing in next part of this tutorial. The key needs to be unique to avoid errors and further we can use the same key again and again in different posts. Keys already made are shown in a drop down menu while adding a new custom field. Below is an perfect demonstration on how to add custom fields.


By following the above procedure, one is able to add custom fields in wordpress blog. But they wont show any where until we add a small piece of code in WordPress loop.

In the next part of this tutorial we will learn how to display the added custom fields and in the last part we will learn how to do all these things via plugin.

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Introduction –> Adding Custom Fields –> Displaying Custom fields  –> Doing through Plugin

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