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Creating Content types

Drupal itself has only two content types Article and basic page.

Article is used for the content you want to update more frequently.Bu default article works in reverse chronical order means the top recent post comes in the top of your web screen.

Basic page is used for the static content and for the content that you want to link in the main navigation bar.

If you want to create your own content type  and publish your content in it you just need to login to your website > Structure > Content types > Add Content type >  Fill the name and description > Save content type. >After this your content type will shown in Content > Add content, and from here you can add content in your Content type.




Adding fields

To add fields into content type  login to your website > Structure > Content type > Click the content type in which you wish to add fields > Enter the name of your field in add new field column > Select a field type > Fill the required form and Save. Now your field has been added to your content type.



Managing Display


You can manage the display of your fields by going to Structure > Content type > Click the content type > Manage display .From Here, you can define which fields are shown and hidden when Article content is displayed in each view mode, and define how the fields are displayed in each view mode.

Content items can be displayed using different view modes: Teaser, Full content, Print, RSS, etc. Teaser is a short format that is typically used in lists of multiple content items. Full content is typically used when the content is displayed on its own page.




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