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Introduction to Custom Fields | Part 1 of WordPress Custom Field Tutorial

Introduction –> Adding Custom Fields –> Displaying Custom fields  –> Doing through Plugin

Hi, I am Anirudh babbar & this week I am writing about a complete tutorial on Custom Fields. Tutorial will be finished in 4 parts and it should take maximum of an hour to fully understand the whole series. I have tried down to make things as simple as possible, if you find some bugs, please write to me at or comment below.

Introduction –> Adding Custom Fields –> Displaying Custom fields — > Doing through Plugin

What is Custom Fields ?

WordPress gives option to add custom fields other than Title and body to a blog post. The extra information we add to a post is called as meta-data.

The meta-data can include small information such as :

Model Number : SX 2456

Price : Rs 4500

Color : Red & Green

The output while viewing a post after adding custom fields would be something like this. Title of the post Custom Fields Content We can arrange Title of the post, content and custom fields position through HTML structure.



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Practical Example  : Suppose you run a blog that sells wordpress themes and in every post you need to display more things rather than just title, body and image. Let’s say you need to add few important fields everytime you add a post – Theme Code, Number of Layouts, Color , Custom Logo , Custom Menu etc. So one need to add custom fields to blog post. Output would be like this.

Title :
Content :
Featured Image :
Theme Code : MX 452
Number of Layouts : 3
Color : Red & Green
Custom Logo : Yes
Custom Menu : Yes

Note : – Title / Content and Featured image are default WordPress blog post fields and rest are custom fields created by us. This part of tutorial only taught you about what custom fields are and in the next part I am going to teach you how to exactly add Custom fields to add new post section.

I Hope you have understood what custom fields are, and if you still didn’t get , don’t worry you will understand in the next part.

Introduction –> Adding Custom Fields –> Displaying Custom fields  –> Doing through Plugin


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