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SEO Training – Best way to optimize images in html

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Images are of great importance in a webpage. To improve a web page look’s we need to insert images with text and sometime we are promoting image content like wallpapers or clip art.

As a user we also looks for celebrity images or our images of famous places in search engines like google. Text is readable and google can understand and learn about our web page content, but google can’t read images or neither any other search engine can read images. So how to make most of images in seo ?

We just need to focus on three main points

1 ) Give your images, short, descriptive file names. Don’t save it as abc.jpg, else try to save it with keyword you are optimizing for.

Like if I want to optimize an image for my name, I would save it as anirudh-babbar.jpg

2) The alt attribute describes the image. This helps google understand what is in the image.

Think N Code | WordPress Drupal SEO Training

We have used the following code for the above image

<img src=”” alt=”Think N Code | WordPress Drupal SEO Training” /></code>

3) Write a short caption below every image, this helps google understand what is image all about.

If you do follow these three steps, there are more chances for your image to come at top in image search.

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