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When we are talking about seo, we can not forget Google Webmasters . With Google Webmasters you are able to directly connect your site with search engines. It has been very well known that Google automatically index your site, but what if you are interested to get one level ahead and tell something more about your site to google ? Here comes the need of Google Webmasters.

We recently wrote an article on how to add a website to Google Webmasters.

A person can submit his xml sitemap to Google webmasters for better search engine optimization. We wrote a article on Sitemaps for seo,  how to create them , what’s the difference between xml and html sitemaps and everything else, you may read that to know more about them.

With the help Webmasters we have can submit the list of webpages to Google.

Well Google Webmasters offer many other great benefits other than sitemaps,  What if you want to know what html improvements can be done to your site ? answer is to register at webmasters. Similarly if we want to use Structured Data by not using microdata , we can do that easily by Webmasters. One just need to have proper information about Webmasters.


Google Webmasters also helps us to check which search queries are connecting most to us and their trends. We can easily check how many queries, impressions and clicks were registered on our site.


How many sites links to our website ? Google webmasters easily helps you to check this with the help SEARCH QUERIES option on sidebar.


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