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Adding a new site on Google Webmasters is a small task and can be accomplished in less than 10 minutes.

Just follow below steps

  • Login to Google Webmasters with your google id
  • Click on Add a Site button and enter url of website
  • Click continue and you will be redirected to verification page
  • Verify your website and your site is added on Google Webmasters

How to Verify a domain on Google Webmasters

There are four methods to verify your domain on google webmasters

  • Adding a Meta tag to head section of your site confirms to google about your ownership
  • Uploading a page on your server also confirms you as owner
  • Using Google Analytics trackig code
  • Verifying through domain registrar

Depending upon circumstances one can use any method for verifying domain ownership, but we recommend using either meta tag option or uploading page on server.

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