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The Foundation of SEO

Keywords are what searchers type into search engines and that are what we are optimizing. When we build a website, keyword research comes out to be the most important factor for website success. Its always recommended that we should be exactly knowing before writing content that for what keywords we are optimizing for. When we are promoting our product on internet we have to write according to international markets, lets think about keywords in asia we call cookies as biscuits but in other parts of world its called cookies, product is same but names are different, so while planning our keywords research we have to make list of all the things that searchers are going to search over internet, and we don’t have to guess what searchers are going to search we have perfect tools to find what people are searching over internet. Although many tools are available over net, but we prefer use of Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool.

Perfect Keyword Research plan

Perfect keyword research plan is everyone’s dream, but how can we get to know perfect keywords for our business, yes we have Google Adword Keyword Research tool for this but before using this tool we must know what are relevant terms for our business and that needed to be done using pen and paper or excel sheet. Just ask yourself what business your company do, what services do you offer, ask your employees or even your customers what they think about company and what would they search if they are looking for same products, as different searchers have different searching habits, this will help you to make a perfect keyword research plan and then we can switch to Adword tool for help.

Keyword Tools
There are many free and paid keywords tool available on net, but we recommend using Google Adword tool for this. A complete post on Keyword Tool is coming soon on how to use Google Adwords to make most of it.

Keyword Placement
Now placing of keywords is another important thing for a good seo strategy. First thing to be done is to understand we don’t have to overdo this, use keyword in not more than 3-4 times in your content. Make sure you have added keyword in title tag and meta description, we have to also use keyword in url or slug of page. A lot will be discussed about keyword placement in content section of SEO.

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