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These are just the introductory part of our training sessions, you will get practical examples and more insight with the help of our team, once you join our program

What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization is generally referred as SEO and means to get higher results in search engines across the world or local places. When we talk about search engines we are talking about google, yahoo and bing or most importantly google as more than 90% of searches are done on google across the world. So its relatively very important to get good ranking on google for our product and services. We all know how general people use internet, anything they want to read they search and redirect to website that match their search terms perfectly, so just imagine how great it would be if you are a shoe seller and your site appears on top for shoe selling ? , just imagine how much sales you will be able to do through strongest product promotion network.

How SEO affects your business

Say you own a mobile shoppe and you have very good sales of Iphone and samsung tablet phones, you exactly know what people want as you are in direct contact with consumers. But to how many people you can do promotion with your single shop, lets become more practical, do you think a person living 50 miles away will come to purchase Iphone from your store, even if you are selling it on discounted rates ? i think the answer is no !! but if you have a well optinised website, you can sell your product and services through out world with ease. Just imagine how many times your sales will multiply if you have customers from entire world, as everyone in world needs an Iphone or more specifically your product.

Setting SEO expectations

When we are doing search engine optimization we should ensure that we have already set our targets and have done study for all keywords that we want to rank for in searches. SEO is the best marketing strategy that brings maximum results for a business, so its also regarded as never ending process, but then even we should always first make targets about what we want and then start working on it. We should always be ready to write new and unique content for our site and we also be sure that search engines will change there results often, so one need to regularly work on it to get good rankings. We will learn more about things in next sessions

You guys are the best I’ve seen and heard of. Thanks for your all Efforts to teach me.

I am so thankfull that I choosed Think n code to learn about SEO. Thank you for being quickly available on skype for any kind of issues.

I am not a Developer I am a designer by profession but after spending 3 months with think n code I can say that I am a Web developer now.

Think n Code make my life so easy I am a housewife and I just want to earn money by sitting at home think n code not only help me to teach they also help me by giving freelance work.

Think n code team is professional and intelligent and they make us also with their dedication in teaching.

Think n code not just only teach you after complishing my course I feel like a web developer and everybody around me also feel like that now I had lots of web projects and think n code help me everytime I needed.

I have been very impressed with your friendliness and Teaching skills. The way you teach the world anyone can think to be a developer.

I can’t express how impressed i have been with Think n code everybody in my office is surpriced with my knowledge now a days.

Discovering think n code is like I discover my destiny. You make me feel proud of myself.

It is amazing. Whatever I don’t understand, I found it very Beneficial for those who can’t go out for studies or the people who really need a professional training Think n code makes you a professional developer.

It is totally a dashing system for the students . they could easily learn.I like the program very much . as well as i love this program with my whole heart

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