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Tips for writing a perfect seo webpage – seo training

Writing a search engine optimized webpage is a dream for every writer or actually work of every content writer, but the problem is not everyone knows how to do it.

Well, Search engines result not only depend upon content but on several other things like back links, but still as its always said content is king, one can attain a good search engine ranks with a package of good content.

In a webpage we can optimize few things that we will be learning today, like page title, meta description, keyword density, text in body or number of words in content, usage of keywords in headings.

Page title :- Make sure your focus keyword is present in title of your page. If you are using html code will be like this under head section of a page

<title>  Tips for writing a perfect seo webpage – seo training </title>

and if you are using any content management software like wordpress, drupal, joomla you have plugins to take care of this functionality and normally post/page title is considered as web page title. Page title is also displayed at the top of your browser / tab.

Most important tip for page title : – Make sure it is less than 70 characters, no search engine can read beyond that, and make sure that your focused keywords are in starting of page title.

Meta Description :- Meta description is generally taken as google snippet, or what search engines will show under your title when your page appears in search.

wordpress training delhi - Google Search
wordpress training delhi – Google Search


You can see the description in above image as “Think N Code is engaged into website development and online training…… ”  This is called snippet and there is a relation between meta description and snippet. When we don’t write any meta description for the page google automatically generates snippet and show to searchers and if we have created a meta description tag, then it displays meta description as snippet. Google still holds a right to display custom snippet even if you have written a well framed description, this is done keeping in view the needs of searcher. Meta description also helps google to understand what your page is all about. One need to make sure that his main focused keywords should appear in meta description.

Keyword density :- Its a very large topic to be covered in a small training session, we will summarize it in a single and most important line. Don’t write your keyword more than 3 time in your content.

Content Size :-  Make sure you have atleast 300 characters as text.

Usage of Images :-  use atleast one image in body and seo image properly. Make sure your image has an alt tag as your focused keyword. For a complete tutorial on how to optimize images check our last post seo training- best ways to optimize images in html.

Usage of Keywords in headings :- Headings play a very important role for search engines to understand the page. You should include at least 3 headings in a page and do it in proper way. You can check our article  Making best use of headings in a web page for seo where we have described how to make most of headings for seo purpose, you will also see a Matt Cutts video on what google thinks about headings and how to use them.

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