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Why a website rank more than one time on google search page ?

Hi all, I am Anirudh, back with one more video of Matt Cutts, recently google published a video stating reasons why a particular website have multiple results on google search result page. The following video tells about reasons of a domain showing multiple results and how google has worked upon this product from time to time. Well if you are looking for an seo training you must watch this video, you may not be able to learn advanced seo from this video but you will surely become more wiser about the topic

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Anirudh Babbar spends around 5 hours daily to experiment his philosophy on seo, and still has been waiting to learn the basics of seo, although he gets over a lac of visitors monthly to his blog, he still consider himself on basic level.
He loves to laugh and thinks a day without laughter is a complete waste and one can not get to his dreams without laughter tonic.
He is a professional wordpress developer and give online seo training and content management softwares. He is from delhi and works as a full time developer and trainer

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