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Why i love and suggest to my clients !!

As title suggest, this post is not any wordpress or seo tutorial, its more about hosting, a company from whom i am taking services since last couple of years. or for Indians is a hosting company that provides all sort of specialized and reseller hosting service.

I have worked with many hosting companies like,, and couple of small companies. But only satisfactory company i think is Bigrock and thats because of two simple reasons

  1. Approximately no down time
  2. Brilliant support

DOWNTIME means your website is NOT WORKING ANYMORE.

Down time is something no one wants. When your website is running and bringing you profits, you would never want your website to be down for even a minute. But yes, due to maintenance issues, sometime you have to face downtime.  But in last 3 years or more my account along with my clients have never faced a single minute of downtime. I would like to mention, even if you are with any other company like godaddy, you wont be facing any downtime. So if downtime is criteria to select your hosting company I would recommend to choose any of leading brands like godaddy and bigrock. But why bigrock wins the race is because of next point.

SUPPORT is something you need if you dont know whats wrong with your site

In last couple of years, I have faced many issues related to hosting and all have been resolved by bigrock in approximately no time. I got an error while installing paypal with woocommerce and so i raised a ticked and they solved everything in couple of hours. And then again few days back i was facing several jquery issues with my wordpress installations, and they scanned my account and told me that there were malicious files on my account due to which they have closed some ports and thats why I am facing Jqyery issues.

Normally, as per my experience hosting providers don’t close all these ports if you have any malicious files on your account, so you are going to never face these problems with small or other hosting service providers. I am happy with they way Team Bigrock works, because whenever they find any malicious files they just close the ports so our account data is safe.

This is the kind of support these people provide and i give them a 5 star. The reason i took 30 minutes to write this post is because i am overwhelmed  by their service and support.

Just to end this conversation, I would say if you are with a brand name like Bigrock, chances of your site getting compromised are very less.

BigRock Help Center – Customer Support & Knowledge Base 2014-04-09 11-51-29



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