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In last tutorial we learnt how to add a new blog post to wordpress and this time we are going to learn how to work with Worpress Media library. We all know very well importance of media in websites, WP offers us option to upload bunch of media files like images, audio and video for customizing our site as per demand. The best part of wordpress is that we don’t have to go out and upload images or any other media through ftp, we can easily add anything through admin panel.

We are going to have a quick tutorial on wordpress Media and media library, we will discuss how to add new images , videos and files into our content through media library.

Lets start now !!

WordPress Media Library ?

Media library is the place where you can upload images ,videos and files and then use it into your content while creating post and pages. WordPress automatically make a list of all uploads to site and we can access any media at anytime, no matter it was uploaded an year ago or more than that. In below image we can see WP Says ALL(299) that means total 299 media files have been uploaded on site and then it states Images (295) that means out of 299 media uploads 295 are images and rest could be audio or video files. Thirdly it also states Unattached (175) , it means 175 of media files are unattached to any post or page.


How to add new file to library ?

To add new Media go to your Dashboard > Media > Library > Click Add New > Select Files > Once the uploads complete click to edit  and save. you can upload any number of files together.


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