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WordPress launches twenty thirteen theme


If you are a wordpress lover, you know the importance of wordpress default theme, its the one on whom complete wordpress theming depends. Previously we had seen Twenty ten, twenty eleven, twenty twelve all with responsive designs, header image feature, an option to set background image, few post types and page templates and a couple of other notable options.  and finally time has arrived for launching of twenty thirteen. We decided to have a look at twenty thirteen on our blog and take some screenshots.

Download Twenty Thirteen WordPress theme

Live Preview Twenty Thirteen Theme

First lets discuss about the header image, twenty thirteen offers a full width header image, this is first time any wordpress default theme is coming with a 100% width. Its look nice, somewhat similar to blogger themes that we have been watching from years, but all in all it looks good, specially for a wordpress lover like me. 🙂



Twenty thirteen navigation and page title
The best thing about twenty thirteen theme is Navigation menu, its beautiful, looks catchy, three level navigation menu. Its bold, strong all in all best for a blog point. I would love to use twenty thirteen in my next blog, and i am eagerly waiting for full version of theme that will be coming with wordpress 4.6.



About Post title
This is for the first time wordpress has used large fonts for a default theme and they are looking very good. Good readable stuff, i always recommend.

Then it comes with several post types

  • Standard
  • Aside
  • Audio
  • Chat
  • Gallery
  • Image
  • Link
  • Quote
  • Status
  • Video

Complete screenshot of twenty thirteen theme.

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