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What is cms?

According to a content management system is a document centric collaborative application for managing documents and other content .The CMS was developed to make the website Designing and developing more flexible without writing a single line of code you can Create a top-grade Website . Different CMS has different functionalities. Most of the CMS was based on php and mysql. You can easily edit ,publish and modify the data from beckenned panel by using CMS on your website. Many Popular Websites are using some of the free and publically famous and available CMS like wordpress ,drupal and zoomla.

WordPress as a CMS ?

WordPress is One of the most fast easy and popular blogging system and CMS on the ongoing web and it also has a huge community which help each other with plugins and wp themes.It is based on php and mysql. Currently 60 million websites in all over the world are using wordpress. WordPress offers you a very simple user interface as compared to the other cms .Wordpress gives us many features and functionalities like plugins and template system. It was created by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little in may 2003.

WordPress Terminology (Plugins, Themes, Widgets, Sidebar, )?


The Plugin functionality in wordpress offers user to extend the abilities of wordpress. It is the very famous feature of wordpress which make your tasks quick and easy. WordPress has over24000 plugins which offer different function and feature for fulfilling the needs of website by adding them.


According to WordPress Theme system is a way to “skin” your weblog. By using a theme you can change the look of your blog. WordPress theme contains template files which bring a graphical interface with a unique design.Wordpress comes with two default themes twenty twelve and twenty eleven.there are many themes available on the net which you can use for your blog by downloading and adding them to your admin panel.


WordPress widget add content like post, categories ,tags ,navigation, search to yor sidebars. WordPress widget can be add removed and rearranged into sidebars. Some default widget come with wordpress and some of the widets comes by adding plugins. Some widgets are customizable like webform, categories, archieves and recent posts.


The sidebar is a vertical column which mostly placed on the right or left side of the websites.The sidebar contains information about website.The sidebar is a part of your theme. Every theme usually give you one or two sidebars which usually contains widgets.

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