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Introduction to admin panel?

The Admin Panel offers access to the features provided by wordpress.The admin toolbar displayed at the top of the admin screen it has links to various admin functions. The main menu navigation is displayed at the left.  The collapse menu button is displayed in the bottom which shrinks the menu into small icons. In the middle of the panel we have work area.

Creating Content?

You can create your content by creating  posts, pages add images embed videos add audios into wordpress by few clicks. For creating a page visit to your site dashboard click on the pages- add new and it will automatically  gives a link to your site navigation menu.

User Management (Roles, Permissions, Creating user accounts)?


Role is a set of task given by admin to others. It allowed a user to perform the specific task which has given to him through permissions .For example the author role has the only permission which allowed him to write articles.


With the permissions wordpress gives user a role what user can do or what he cannot do. Admin can manage the site by giving permissions to user.Site owner set different task  like creating pages, write posts, creating categories ,managing themes, defining links , and managing users to different user by giving role and permissions. The super admin role have permission to perform every possible task. The administrator have permission to perform only limited task which affect site and the author role allow him to perform just a small subject of tasks.

Recent Feedback !!

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